This figurine is done in a classic American Santa Clause style. He actually is a Russian saint. He was murdered along with his family in a War. He carries a big bag.His boots are acrved out of woods but it looks as if they are made of porcelain. Fine artistry is reflected from here. This ia an example of Russian Artistry at its best. For more such Statues visit us at :
This Russian Saint named Alexander Svirsky was a monk in the Russian Orthodox Church.He always spent his life following and doing what is RIGHT. HIs day is Commemorated on April 17 and August 30. To know more about some other historical icons visit and take away a beautifully designed statue of the respective.
The Russian Santa witha long beard is a must watch and buy gift item.One of the examples of Finest Artistry by the Russian Artists this statue of santa is a piece that will attract people to any corner. So improve your store's quality by bringing such gift items . For more such gift items visit us at :
This Russian Doll known as the Bufflinches is one of our collections of the Russian Nesting Dolls which are actually asymbol of Russian family ,village and land. These dolls are very popular in Russia. For more details visit us at :